Records by Don Partridge

7" vinyl

Don Partridge - Rosie Rosie (1968)
Rosie / Going Back To London
Don Partridge - Blue Eyes Blue Eyes (1968)
Blue Eyes / I've Got Something For You
Don Partridge - Top Man Top Man (1968)
Top Man / We Have Ways Of Making You Laugh
Don Partridge - Breakfast On Pluto Breakfast On Pluto (1969)
Breakfast On Pluto / Stealin'
no photo available Colour My World (1969)
Colour My World / Homeless Bones
Don Partridge - Going To Germany Going To Germany (1969)
Going To Germany / Ask Me Why
no photo available We're All Happy Together (1970)
We're All Happy Together / Following Your Fancy


no photo available Don Partridge (1968)

Don Partridge

Don Partridge
Born: Bournemouth, U.K., Oct 27, 1944

Travelled around Europe as a one-man-band, when discovered by Don Paul (The Viscounts). Don Partridge's first single Rosie climbed to #4 on the british charts. His second single Blue Eyes made it to number three. Don also made a big success in Scandinavia, and after a handfull of more or less sucessful singles, Don moved to Sweden.

When success faded, Don went back to singing on the streets. He made two swedish albums during the secenties and eighties, but none of them reached the charts.

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