Records by The Deejays

7" vinyl

The Deejays - Long Tall Shorty Long Tall Shorty (1965)
Long Tall Shorty / I Can Tell
no photo available Farmer John (1965)
Farmer John / I Just Can't Go To Sleep
no photo available Black Eyed Woman (1965)
Black Eyed Woman / I'm A Hog For You Baby
no photo available You Must Be Joking (1965)
You Must Be Joking / Loneliness
no photo available Coming On Strong (1965)
Coming On Strong / Dimples
no photo available Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends) (1966)
Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends) / Fever
no photo available Jag vill inte ha nå'n annan än dig (1966)
Jag vill inte ha nå'n annan än dig / Tequila
no photo available Surrender (1966)
Surrender / Hooked
no photo available Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (1966)
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / Bama-Lama-Lou
The Deejays - Somewhere, My Love Somewhere, My Love (1967)
Somewhere, My Love / It's Gonna Work Out Fine
no photo available Baby Talk (1967)
Baby Talk / I'll Never Get Over You
no photo available Bam Bam (1967)
Bam Bam / Gör det inte
no photo available Bam Bam (1967)
Bam Bam / I Need You
no photo available Working Out Fine (1967)
Working Out Fine / Love Me
The Deejays - Bombom Bombom (1967)
Bombom / In The Midnight Hour
no photo available He's In Town (1968)
He's In Town / Come To Me
no photo available Incrowd Hangout (1968)
Incrowd Hangout / Please Don't Critize


The Deejays - Deejays Deejays (1966)
The Deejays - Haze Haze (1967)

The Deejays

The Deejays
Formed: in late 50's in U.K. as Johnny Vallons & The Deejays
Basic line-up: Johnny Vallons / John Murray, Pete Clinton, Buzz Nelson, Erle Morgan.

After several years of playing in U.K., the group had gotten nowhere. In 1963 they went to Sweden, and besides touring there for several months, they signed up with Swe-Disc, and recorded five singles. In 1965 Johnny Vallons left the band, and was replaced by John Murray. This new setting landed again in Sweden in 1965 and signed up for Polydor. Their first Polydor single, 'Long Tall Shoty', was an immediate hit on the Swedish charts. Between 1965 and 1967 they had a handfull of hits on the Swedish charts, with 'Dum Dum (Marble Breaks And Iron Bends)' and 'Baby Talk' reaching all the way to the top.

Since his wife wanted to move back to England, Murray left the group in 1967. He was replaced by Clive Sands (Sarstedt). But the hits faded, and when Erle Morgan also wanted to quit, the band broke up in 1968.

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