The Doors
The Doors - The Doors
2.  Soul Kitchen  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
3.  The Crystal Ship  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
4.  Twentieth Century Fox  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
5.  Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)  (Weill - Brecht)  (lyrics)
6.  Light My Fire  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
7.  Back Door Man  (Dixon - Burnett)  (lyrics)
8.  I Looked At You  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
9.  End Of The Night  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
10.  Take It As It Comes  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
11.  The End  (The Doors)  (lyrics)
Format: LP
Label: Elektra EKS 74007
Released: 1967
US Billboard: 1

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