The Second
Steppenwolf - The Second
2.  Tighten Up Your Wig  (John Kay)  (lyrics)
3.  None Of Your Doing  (Gabriel Mekler - John Kay)  (lyrics)
4.  Spiritual Fantasy  (John Kay)  (lyrics)
5.  Don't Step On The Grass Sam  (John Kay)  (lyrics)
6.  28    
7.  Magic Carpet Ride  (John Kay - Rushton Moreve)  (lyrics)
8.  Disappointment Number  (John Kay)  (lyrics)
11.  Resurrection  (John Kay)  (lyrics)
12.  Reflections  (Gabriel Mekler - John Kay)  (lyrics)
Format: LP
Label: ABC Dunhill 50037
Released: 1968

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