A Quick One
The Who - A Quick One
1.  Run, Run, Run    (lyrics)
2.  Boris The Spider  (John Entwistle)  (lyrics)
3.  I Need You    (lyrics)
4.  Whiskey Man    (lyrics)
5.  Heatwave    (lyrics)
7.  Don't Look Away    (lyrics)
8.  See My Way    (lyrics)
9.  So Sad About Us    (lyrics)
Format: LP
Label: Reaction 593 002
Released: 1966
Other releases: Decca DL 74892, Decca DL 4892

American album had the title 'Happy Jack', and added this track instead of 'Heat Wave'.

It is said that the group had about 10 minutes left to fill on this album and that The Who's manager, suggested that Pete Townshend wrote "a 10 minute story comprised of 2:50 songs". The result was a "mini-opera," paving the way for other music-operas like "Rael" and "Tommy".

The lyrics is about a girl and an absent boyfriend. The girl's friends suggest that she take a substitute lover while the boyfriend is away. When the boyfriend returns, she confesses her infidelity and is forgiven.

The Who performed this on the Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus, which was going to be a TV special, but the show was never aired.

In an interview, Pete Townshend said that this song is really about child abuse, which have been lively debated in recent years.

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