Surfin' USA
The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
1.  Surfin' USA  (Chuck Berry)  
2.  Farmer's Daughter  (Brian Wilson)  
3.  Misirlou  (Roubanis/Wise/Leeds/Russell)  
4.  Stoked  (Brian Wilson)  
5.  Lonely Sea  (Gary Usher/Brian Wilson)  
6.  Shut Down  (Brian Wilson/Roger Christian)  
7.  Noble Surfer  (Brian Wilson)  
8.  Honky Tonk  (Doggett/Scott/Butler/Sheper/Glover)  
9.  Lana  (Brian Wilson)  
10.  Surf Jam  (Carl Wilson)  
11.  Let's Go Trippin'  (Dick Dale)  
12.  Finders Keepers  (Brian Wilson)  
Format: LP
Label: Capitol T-1808
Released: 1963
US Billboard: 2
SWE (KVT): -

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