Between the Buttons
The Rolling Stones - Between the Buttons
1.  Yesterday's Papers  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
2.  My Obsession  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
3.  Back Street Girl  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
4.  Connection  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
5.  She Smiled Sweetly  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
6.  Cool, Calm And Collected  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
7.  All Sold Out  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
8.  Please Go Home  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
9.  Who's Been Sleeping Here  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
10.  Complicated  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
11.  Miss Amanda Jones  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
12.  Something Happened To Me Yesterday  (Jagger - Richards)  (lyrics)
Format: LP
Label: Decca LK 4852
Released: 1967
Other releases: Decca SKL 4852, London PS 499
UK Charts: 3
US Billboard: 2
SWE (KVT): -

London PS 499 (US): 'Back Street Girl' And 'Please Go Home' replaced by 'Ruby Tuesday' And 'Let's spend The Night Together' (+ different track order)

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