Can You Name the 1960s Artist?

  • Based on the title of the song, can you name the artist or artists behind the hit from the 1960s? This oldies trivia quiz gives you 10 well-known hit songs.

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    Remember the Artist?

  • Do You Recognize these 1960s Artists?

  • Do you recognize the artists from these old 1960s magazine clippings? The artists are some of the most influential groups and singers from the golden 60s era.

    Do you think you will recognize these scrapbook artists?

    Magazine Clippings

    More 1960s Trivia Quiz Questions

  • Take another quiz with trivia questions about music, film, sports, events and TV in the 1960s. Each set of quiz questions is picked from a larger pool of questions in our database and has a focus on British and European trivia.

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    1960s General Trivia

  • 1960s Random Trivia Quiz – 20 Questions

  • This 1960s trivia quiz has 20 random questions about everything from the sixties - politics, events, music, movies, people, sports, TV shows, disasters, and more.

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    1960s General Trivia

Recognize these 60s hit intros?

Another 1960s Nostalgia trivia quiz with song clips. Do you remember the song, artist and more behind these short snippets from some of the most famous hits from the sixties?

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    60s Movie Quiz – 10 Random Questions

  • Take this 1960s movie trivia quiz challenge. It has 10 random questions about famous films, actors, actresses, directors, film awards and more.

    We draw random questions from our database, so each quiz is different.

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    Random Movie Trivia

On the charts in the sixties!

Billboard 50 Years Ago

Image: Billboard charts 50 years ago

Charts 1969-11-22

Do you remember which songs topped Billboard Hot 100 50 years ago? Remember your favorite songs and artists?

Which were the best performing singles on Billboard Hot 100 in the sixties? See the list here: Best Performing Singles on Hot 100

Kvällstoppen (Sweden)

Image: Kvällstoppen (Sweden) 50 years ago

Charts 1969-11-18

Check out which records topped the Swedish Official Top 20 (Most Selling Records) Chart 50 years ago.

Read more about Kvällstoppen: Best Selling Records Charts in Sweden in the Sixties

Tio i Topp (Sweden)

Image: Tio i Topp (Sweden) 50 years ago

Charts 1969-11-22

Check out which songs and artists topped the Swedish Radio Show 'Tio i Topp' Chart 50 years ago.

Read more about Swedish Tio i Topp: Swedish Music Charts in the 1960s