1960s Random Trivia Quiz – 20 Questions

Sixties trivia quiz - 20 questions

Sixties Trivia Quiz Questions

This random quiz game contains 60s trivia questions about everything from the decade that changed the world.

Politics, events, music, movies, persons, sports, TV, disasters, and more.

Each set of 60s trivia quiz questions is picked from hundreds of questions in our database.


# 1: What band recorded the 1967 album Younger Than Yesterday?

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Younger Than Yesterday is the fourth album by the American rock band The Byrds. It was on February 6, 1967.

# 2: Who was President of France between 1959 and 1969?

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Charles de Gaulle was the dominant military and political leader of France for much of the period from 1940 to 1969. He held the office as President between 8 January 1959 and 28 April 1969.

# 3: This is a hit song by Chuck Berry, released in 1964. What is the title?

No Particular Place to Go is a song by Chuck Berry, released as a single in 1964. It reached No. 10 in U.S.A, No. 6 in Canada, and No. 3 in United Kingdom.

# 4: Who won the Men’s 100 m. event at the 1964 Summer Olympics?

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At the 1964 Summer Olympics, in Tokyo, Bob Hayes won a gold medal in the 100m and gold medal in the 4x100 meter relay.

# 5: What are the opening lyrics for I Heard It Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)?

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The song starts: I bet you're wonderin' how I knew
'Bout your plans to make me blue
With some other guy you knew before
Between the two of us guys
You know I loved you more
It took me by surprise I must say
When I found out yesterday
Don't you know that I heard it through the grapevine

# 6: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a book from 1962 written by:

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is a novel written by Ken Kesey. It was adapted into the Broadway play by Dale Wasserman in 1963. Bo Goldman adapted the novel into a 1975 film directed by Milos Forman. The film won five Academy Awards.

# 7: This album was recorded by which band?

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Crown of Creation is the fourth studio album by Jefferson Airplane. It was released in September 1968 and peaked at number six on the US charts.

# 8: Steve McQueen has a leading role in all of these movies, except:

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Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid is a 1969 American Western film directed by George Roy Hill. The leading characters are played by Paul Newman (Butch Cassidy) and Robert Redford (Sundance Kid). The film won four Academy Awards in 1970. William Goldman won the Award for Best Original Screenplay for the film. Burt Bacharach and Hal David won an Award for the song Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head.

# 9: Norma Jeane Mortenson was better known under her stage name:

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Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles General Hospital.

# 10: Which President signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

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The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a landmark piece of civil rights legislation in the United States. The Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

# 11: Can you name original artist from the following lyrics: knows not where he’s going to, isn’t he a bit like you and me?

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Nowhere Man is a song by the Beatles, from the British version of their album Rubber Soul.

# 12: Dick Fosbury won a gold medal at the 1968 Summer Olympics. In which event?

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Dick Thunderball, Dominetta VitaliFosbury revolutionized the high jump event at the 1968 Summer Olympics, using his unconventional Fosbury flop technique. Fosbury took the gold medal and set a new Olympic record at 2.24 meters.

# 13: Steve McQueen has a leading role in all of these movies, except:

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For a Few Dollars More is a 1965 Italian western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Gian Maria Volonté.

The film is the second part of what is known as the Dollars Trilogy, following A Fistful of Dollars and preceding The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

# 14: In 1969, Desmond Dekker & The Aces had a major hit with:

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Israelites is written by Desmond Dekker and Leslie Kong. It became a hit for Desmond Dekker & The Aces, peaking in 1969.

# 15: I Love How You Love Me was an American 1961 Top Five hit for which group?

I Love How You Love Me was a hit by the Paris Sisters. It was written by Barry Mann and Larry Kolber, produced by Phil Spector.

The version by Paris Sisters reached number 5 on the charts in 1961. Bobby Vinton took the song to No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1968.

# 16: Which studio album by the Beatles included the song Get Back?

Get Back was originally released as a single on 11 April 1969 and credited to The Beatles with Billy Preston. A second version of the song was later included as the closing track of Let It Be (1970).

# 17: Who played Captain Virgil Hilts in the 1963 film The Great Escape?

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The Great Escape is a 1963 American film based on an escape by British and Commonwealth prisoners during World War II. The film was directed and produced by John Sturges. Steve McQueen plays Capt. Virgil Hilts, the Cooler King. James Garner plays Flt. Lt. Robert Hendley, the Scrounger. Other roles are plated by Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, and David McCallum. The British singer John Leyton also has a role in this movie.

# 18: Who wrote the book Ode to a High Flying Bird, a tribute to jazz legend Charlie Parker?

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In 1965, Charlie Watts published Ode to a Highflying Bird, a children's book and a tribute to the jazz legend Charlie Parker.

The book was written in 1960, before his career with the Rolling Stones and when he still was an aspiring graphic designer. It was written as a children's book with a play-school-style narrative of Parker's life and simple drawings. It was not until the success with Rolling Stones that the same company that issued the Stones' monthly fan magazines also published the book.

In 1991, a reprint of the book was offered together with a box set of music in honor of Charlie Parker.

# 19: What hit starts with the line: We’re caught in a trap?

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Elvis Presley's hit Suspicious Minds starts:

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much, baby

Suspicious Minds is written Mark James, who also recorded the song. Elvis made it a number one hit in 1969, and one of the most notable hits of his career.

# 20: The lines It doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you are there are from which hit song?

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It doesn't matter what you wear,
Just as long as you are there
So come on, every guy, grab a girl,
Everywhere, around the world
They'll be dancing, dancing in the street .



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