60s Music Quiz – 10 Random Questions

1960s music trivia quiz


# 1: Which duo had a number one hit with A World Without Love in 1964?

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Peter and Gordon were a British pop duo, comprising Peter Asher and Gordon Waller. They had a number one hit with their first single A World Without Love, written by McCartney but credited to Lennon - McCartney. McCartney continued to write some of Peter and Gordon's hits during the mid-sixties. A World Without Love topped the charts in both UK and US.

# 2: The lyrics ‘She would never say where she came from‘ are from which song by the Rolling Stones?

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The opening lyrics of Ruby Tuesday are:
She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don't matter if it's gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes
Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday...

# 3: Which group had a number one hit with The Lions Sleep Tonight on Billboard Hot 100 in 1961:

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The song was recorded by Solomon Linda and the Evening Birds for the South African Gallo Record Company in 1939. It was covered internationally by many 1950s pop and folk revival artists, including The Weavers, Jimmy Dorsey, Yma Sumac, Miriam Makeba, and The Kingston Trio. In 1961, it became a number one hit in the U.S. with The Tokens.

# 4: Listen to the clip. What is the name of the group?

Mr. Tambourine Man is written and originally recorded by Bob Dylan. The Byrds released the song as their first single. Their version peaked at number 1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 chart and the UK Singles Chart.

# 5: Can you name the song title from the following lyrics:Hello, Darkness, my old friend?

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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend is the opening lyric from the 1964 song The Sounds of Silence performed by Simon & Garfunkel.

# 6: Which artist wrote these lyrics: And you know that she’s half-crazy but that’s why you want to be there

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Suzanne by Leonard Cohen (1967):

Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river
You can hear the boats go by, you can spend the night forever
And you know that she's half-crazy but that's why you want to be there
And she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China
And just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her

# 7: Which band had a hit with Stop Stop Stop in 1966?

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Stop Stop Stop is a song by British pop group The Hollies. It was written by group members Allan Clarke, Tony Hicks, and Graham Nash. It reached No. 2 in UK and No. 7 in US in 1966.

# 8: What are the opening lyrics for The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy For The Devil?

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The song Sympathy for the Devil starts:
Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste
I've been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man's soul and faith

# 9: Who composed Baby Elephant Walk for the movie Hatari! In 1961?

Hatari! is a 1962 American film directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne. The story involves a group of Western expatriates catching wild animals in East Africa and selling them to zoos. Henry Mancini composed Baby Elephant Walk for the movie and Hal David wrote lyrics to the music. The lyrics, however, were never used.

Baby Elephant Walk earned Mancini a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement.

# 10: Four of the original members of this band were David Walker, Allan Ramsay, David Costell, and John West. Who was the fifth member?

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Gary Lewis started Gary Lewis and the Playboys with four friends of his when he was 18. Original members were: Gary Lewis, David Walker, Allan Ramsay, David Costell, and John West.

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Sixties Music Quiz Questions

This 1960s music trivia quiz has 10 random questions about songs, lyrics, record labels, album covers, artists, famous concerts and much, much more from the sixties!

Check how much you remember. Can you hit a perfect score on this 60s trivia quiz? Only 1 out of 10 can.

Each set of trivia questions are taken from a database of questions. If you take the quiz a second time, you will see some new questions.

Remember This?

  Chubby Checker popularized the dance craze the Twist in the early 1960s.

  Soul music develops popularity throughout the decade, led by Sam Cooke, James Brown, and Otis Redding, among many others.

  British rock broke through to mainstream popularity in the United States in January 1964 with the success of the Beatles.

  Elvis Presley mostly released films in the 1960s and his popularity went downhill until he returned to the music scene in the late 1960s.

  Psychedelic rock took off in California’s emerging music scene with groups like the Doors. Key recordings included Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow and the Doors’ Strange Days.

  The Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock Music Festival introduced the large music event.


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