Laura Nyro – More Than a New Discovery: Verve Forecast FT 3020

Laura Nyro - More Than a New Discovery

Tracks on Verve Forecast FT 3020

Format: LP
Country: US
Label: Verve Forecast FT 3020
Released: 1967-01
SWE (Tio i Topp):


More Than A New Discovery is Nyro’s debut album. It was recorded during 1966 and released at the beginning of the following year on the Verve/Folkways Records label (this imprint was later changed to Verve/Forecast) Reissued in 1973 as "The First Songs", with a revised track order and with the song "Hands Off the Man" retitled to "Flim Flam Man". This version gave Nyro a chart entry at #97 on the Billboard 200, then known as the Pop Albums chart.

The album is notable for producing a trove of hits for other artists. Blood Sweat and Tears scored with "And When I Die" (US #2), The Fifth Dimension with "Wedding Bell Blues" (US #1) and "Blowin’ Away" (US #21), and Barbra Streisand with "Stoney End" (US #6). Various other artists also covered songs from the album.

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