Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley P.T.A.: Plantation 3

Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley P.T.A.
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Tracks on Plantation 3

Format: 7" vinyl
Country: US
Label: Plantation 3
Released: 1968
UK Charts: 12
US Billboard: 1
SWE (Tio i Topp): 15
SWE (Kvällstoppen): 10


Originally recorded by Tom T. Hall
Harper Valley P.T.A. was the biggest mover on the US Billboard Pop charts in the sixties. On August 31 it went from Number 81 to 7 in one week. But the single didn’t reach number one until September 21.

Other big movers in the sixties were <i>Stuck On You</i> with Elvis Presley, <i>Cathy’s Clown</i> with Everly Brothers, <i>Ain’t No Way</i> with Aretha Franklin, and <i>Eleanor Rigby</i> also with Aretha Franklin. <br>

Jeannie C. Riley became the first woman to have a single become a Billboard Country and Pop number one hit at the same time.

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