The Hep Stars – Cadillac: Olga SO 09

The Hep Stars - Cadillac
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Tracks on Olga SO 09

Format: 7" vinyl
Country: SE
Label: Olga SO 09
Released: 1965
UK Charts:
US Billboard:
SWE (Tio i Topp): 1
SWE (Kvällstoppen): 1
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The Hep Stars’ first number one hit on the Swedish charts. It started a tremendous Hep stars fever in the country.

Caddilac was originally written by Vince Taylor and called "Brand New Caddilac". The British group "The Renegades" rewrote and did a simplified version of the song, later covered by The Hep Stars.

In Finland, Eero ja Jussi and the Boys did the song with a humorous Finnish translation ‘Mosse’, a synonym for a popular Russian automobile brand at the time.

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