Marvin Gaye – Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide: Tamla 54041

Marvin Gaye - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Tracks on Tamla 54041

Format: 7" vinyl
Label: Tamla 54041
Released: 1961
US Billboard:
SWE (Tio i Topp):
SWE (Kvällstoppen):


After a short period working with Bo Diddley as a member of The Marquees, Marvin Gaye joined The Moonglows, led by Harvey Fuqua. It was Fuqua that brought Gay to Detroit and introduced him to Motown label head Berry Gordy. Marvin soon married Gordy’s sister and secured a contract as a solo artist, releasing his first single "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" in May of 1961

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