Records by Bobby Darin

no cover
I Found A Million Dollar Baby / Talk To Me Something
no cover
Don’t Call My Name / Pretty Betty
no cover
Just In Case You Change Your Mind / So Mean
no cover
Splish Splash / Judy Don’t Be Moody
no cover
Early In The Morning / Now We’re One
no cover
Queen Of The Hop / Lost Love
no cover
Mighty, Mighty Man / You’re Mine
no cover
Plain Jane (1959)
Plain Jane / While I’m Gone
Bobby Darin - Dream Lover
Dream Lover (1959)
Dream Lover / Bullmoose
no cover
Mack The Knife / Was There A Call For Me
no cover
Beyond The Sea / That’s The Way Love Is
Bobby Darin - Clementine
Clementine (1960)
Clementine / Tall Story
Bobby Darin - Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey
Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey / I’ll Be There
no cover
Beachcomber (1960)
Beachcomber / Autumn Blues
no cover
Artifical Flowers / Somebody To Love
Bobby Darin - Christmas Auld Lang Syne
Christmas Auld Lang Syne / Child Of God
no cover
Moment Of Love / She’s Tanfastic
Bobby Darin - Lazy River
Lazy River (1961)
Lazy River / Oo-ee-train
Bobby Darin - Nature Boy
Nature Boy (1961)
Nature Boy / Look For My True Love
no cover
Come September / Walk Bach To Me
Bobby Darin - You Must Of Been A Beautiful Baby
You Must Of Been A Beautiful Baby / Sorrow Tommorrow
no cover
Ava Maria (1961)
Ava Maria / Oh Come All Ye Faithful
no cover
Multiplication / Irresistible You
no cover
What I’d Say (Part1) / What I’d Say (Part2)
no cover
Things (1962)
Things / Jailer Bring Me Water
no cover
Baby Face (1962)
Baby Face / You Know How
no cover
I Found A New Baby / Keep A Walkin
no cover
If A Man Answers / A True True Love
Bobby Darin - You're The Reason I'm Living
You’re The Reason I’m Living / Now You’re Gone
Bobby Darin - Eighteen Yellow Roses
Eighteen Yellow Roses / Not For Me
no cover
Treat My Baby Good / Down So Long

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