Records by Chris Andrews

Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man
Yesterday Man / Too Bad You Don’t Want Me
Chris Andrews - To Whom It Concerns
To Whom It Concerns / It’s All Up To You Now
no cover
Something On My Mind / I’ll Do The Best I Can
no cover
What’cha Gonna Do Now? / Lady Oh Lady
Chris Andrews - Stop That Girl
Stop That Girl / I’d Be Far Better Off Without You
no cover
That’s What She Said / Write It Down
no cover
I’ll Walk To You / They’ve All Got Their Eyes On You
no cover
Hold On (1967)
Hold On / Easy
no cover
The Man With The Red Balloon / Keep Your Mind On The Right Side
Chris Andrews - Pretty Belinda
Pretty Belinda / Make No Mistake
Chris Andrews - Yo Yo
Yo Yo (1970)
Yo Yo / Hey Babe
Chris Andrews - Michigan River
Michigan River / For A Moment In My Life

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