Records by Helen Shapiro

Helen Shapiro - Don't Treat Me Like A Child
Don’t Treat Me Like A Child / When I’m With You
Helen Shapiro - You Don't Know
You Don’t Know / Marvellous Lie
Helen Shapiro - Walkin' Back To Happiness
Walkin’ Back To Happiness / Kiss ‘n’ Run
Helen Shapiro - Tell Me What He Said
Tell Me What He Said / I Apologise
no cover
Let’s Talk About Love / Sometime Yesterday
no cover
Little Miss Lonely / I Don’t Care
no cover
Keep Away From Other Girls / Cry My Heart Out
no cover
Queen For Tonight / Daddy Couldn’t Get Me One Of Those
Helen Shapiro - Woe Is Me
Woe Is Me (1963)
Woe Is Me / I Walked Right In
no cover
Not Responsible / No Trespassing
no cover
Look Who It Is / Walking In My Dreams
no cover
Fever (1964)
Fever / Ole Father Time

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