Records by Jimmy Jones

7" vinyl

Jimmy Jones - Handy Man
Handy Man (1959)
Handy Man / The Search Is Over
no cover
When Ever You Need Me / You For Me To Love
Jimmy Jones - Good Timin'
Good Timin’ / My Precious Angel
Jimmy Jones - That's When I Cried
That’s When I Cried / I Just Go For You
Jimmy Jones - Itchin' For Love
Itchin’ For Love / Ee–I-Ee-I-Oh
no cover
For You (1960)
For You / Ready For Love
no cover
I Told You So / You Got It
no cover
Dear One (1961)
Dear One / I Say Love
no cover
Holler Hey (1961)
Holler Hey / Mr. Music Man
no cover
You’re Much Too Young / The Nights Of Mexico
no cover
I Will, I Will / I’m A Gentleman
no cover
Mr. Fix It (1963)
Mr. Fix It / No Insurance (For A Broken Heart)
no cover
Walkin’ (1965)
Walkin’ / Pardon Me
no cover
Don’t You Just Know It / Dynamite
no cover
39-21-40 Shape / Personal Property
no cover
True Love Ways / Snap My Fingers
no cover
If I Had A Hammer / Do It Yourself

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