Records by Jonathan King

Jonathan King - Green Is The Grass
Green Is The Grass / Creation
no cover
Where The Sun Has Never Shone / Don’t Talk To Me Of Protest
Jonathan King - Everyone's Gone To The Moon
Everyone’s Gone To The Moon / Summer’s Coming
no cover
Green Is The Grass / Where The Sun Has Never Shone
no cover
Just Like A Woman / Land Of The Golden Tree
no cover
Icicles (Fell From The Heart Of A Bluebird) / In A Hundred Years From Now
no cover
Seagulls (1967)
Seagulls / Take A Look At Yourself Babe
no cover
Round Round (1967)
Round Round / Time And Motion
no cover
1968 (Message To The Presidential Candidates) / Colloquial Sex
no cover
Let It All Hang Out / Colloquiel Sex
Jonathan King - Million Dollar Bash
Million Dollar Bash / City Of Angels
Jonathan King - Cherry Cherry
Cherry Cherry / Gay Girl
no cover
Lazy Bones (1971)
Lazy Bones / I Just Want To Say Thank You
Jonathan King - Hooked On A Feeling
Hooked On A Feeling / I Don’t Want To Be Gay
no cover
Flirt (1972)
Flirt / Hey Jim

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