Records by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
Suzanne (1967)
Suzanne / So Long Marianne
no cover
So Long Marianne / Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
no cover
Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye / Suzanne
no cover
Dress Rehearsal Rag / Avalanche
no cover
Bird On A Wire / Suzanne
Leonard Cohen - The Partisan
The Partisan (1969)
The Partisan / Bird On A Wire
Leonard Cohen - Joan Of Arc
Joan Of Arc (1971)
Joan Of Arc / Diamonds In The Mine


Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen
Suzanne / One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong / Master Song / Winter Lady / Stranger Song / Sisters Of Mercy / So Long, Marianne / Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye / Stories Of The Street / Teachers
Leonard Cohen - Songs From A Room
Bird On The Wire / Tonight Will Be Fine / Story Of Isaac / A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes / The Partisan / Seems So Long Ago, Nancy / The Old Revolution / The Butcher / You Know Who I Am / Lady Midnight
Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate
Avalanche / Last Year’s Man / Dress Rehearsal Rag / Diamonds In The Mine / Love Calls You By Your Name / Famous Blue Raincoat / Sing Another Song, Boys / Joan Of Arc
Leonard Cohen - Live Songs
Live Songs (1973)
Minute Prologue / Queen Victoria / Passing Through / You Know Who I Am / Bird On The Wire / Nancy / Improvisation / Story Of Isaac / Please Don’t Pass Me By (A Disgrace) / Tonight Will Be Fine

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