Records by Liverpool Five

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Everything Al’ Right / That’s What I Want
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If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Too Far Out
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Sister Love (1966)
Sister Love / She’s Mine
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New Directions / What A Crazy World (We’re Living In)
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Heart (1966)
Heart / I Just Can’t Believe It
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Any What That You Want Me / The Snake
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Cloudy (1967)
Cloudy / She’s (Got Plenty Of Love)


Liverpool Five - Out Of Sight
Out Of Sight (1967)
Any Way That You Want Me / I’m Your Hoochie Cooche Man / Get Away / My Generation / Piccadilly Line / I Can Only Give You Everything / Baby, Out of Sight / Gotta Get a Move On / She’s (Got Plenty ofLove) / Do You Believe / The Snake

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