Records by Love

Love - My Little Red Book
My Little Red Book / Message To Pretty
Love - She Comes In Colours
She Comes In Colours / Orange Skies
Love - 7 And 7 Is
7 And 7 Is (1967)
7 And 7 Is / No. Fourteen
Love - Que Vida
Que Vida (1967)
Que Vida / Hey Joe
Love - Softly To Me
Softly To Me (1967-09)
Softly To Me / The Castle
Love - Alone Again Or
Alone Again Or / A House Is Not A Motel
no cover
Your Mind And We Belong Together / Laughing Stock
no cover
The Daily Planet (1968-03)
The Daily Planet / Andmoreagain
no cover
I’ll Pray For You / Stand Out
Love - Keep On Shining
Keep On Shining / The Everlasting First
no cover
Alone Again Or / Good Times
Love - Time Is Like A River
Time Is Like A River / With A Little Energy
Love - You Said You Would
You Said You Would / Good Old Fashioned Dream
no cover
I’m With You (1970-02)
I’m With You / Robert Montgomery
Love - Stand Out
Stand Out (1970-03)
Stand Out / Doggone
no cover
The Everlasting First / Keep On Shining

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