Records by Paul Anka

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Blau Wilde De Veest Fontaine / I Confess
no cover
Diana (1957)
Diana / Don’t Gamble With Love
no cover
I Love You Baby / Tell Me That You Love Me
no cover
Crazy Love (1958)
Crazy Love / Let The Bells Keep Ringing
no cover
The Teen Commandments / If You Learn To Pray
Paul Anka - You Are My Destiny
You Are My Destiny / When I Stop Loving You
no cover
Midnight (1958)
Midnight / Varbsten
no cover
What You’ve Done To Me / That’s Right
no cover
Just Young (1958)
Just Young / So It’s Good-bye
no cover
My Heart Sings / That’s Love
no cover
It’s Time To Cry / Something Has Changed
no cover
Lonely Boy (1959)
Lonely Boy / Your Love
Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Don’t Ever Leave Me
no cover
My Home Town (1960)
My Home Town / Something Happen
Paul Anka - Puppy Love
Puppy Love (1960)
Puppy Love / Adam And Eve
no cover
Tonight My Love, Tonight / I’m Just A Fool Anyway
no cover
Dance On Little Girl / Talk To You On The Telephone
Paul Anka - Cinderella
Cinderella (1961)
Cinderella / Kissin’ On The Phone
Paul Anka - A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine
A Steel Guitar And A Glass Of Wine / I Never Knew Your Name
Paul Anka - Eso Beso
Eso Beso (1962)
Eso Beso (That Kiss!) / Give Me Back My Heart
Paul Anka - Love Me Warm And Tender
Love Me Warm And Tender / I’d Like To Know

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