Records by Status Quo

Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Pictures Of Matchstick Men / Gentlemen Joe’s Sidewalk Cafe
no cover
Black Veils Of Melancholy / To Be Free
no cover
Ice In The Sun / When My Mind Is Not Live
no cover
Technicolour Dreams / Paradise Flats
Status Quo - Make Me Stay A Bit Longer
Make Me Stay A Bit Longer / Auntie Nellie
no cover
Are You Growing Tired Of My Love / So Ends Another Life
no cover
The Price Of Love / Little Miss Nothing
Status Quo - Down The Dustpipe
Down The Dustpipe / Face Without A Soul
no cover
In My Chair (1970)
In My Chair / Gergundula
Status Quo - Tune To The Music
Tune To The Music / Good Thinking
no cover
Paper Plane (1972)
Paper Plane / Softer Ride
no cover
Mean Girl (1973)
Mean Girl / Everything
no cover
Gergundula (1973)
Gergundula / Lakky Lady
no cover
Caroline (1973)
Caroline / Joanne
no cover
Break The Rules / Lonely Night
no cover
Down Down (1974)
Down Down / Nightride
no cover
Roll Over Lay Down / Gergundula Junior’s Wailing


Status Quo - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo
Black Veils Of Melancholy / Sunny Cellophane Skies / Green Tambourine / Pictures Of Matchstick Men / When My Mind Is Not Live / Ice In The Sun / Elizabeth Dreams / Gentleman Joe’s Sidewalk Cafe / Paradise Flat / Technicolour Dreams / Spicks And Specks / Sheila
Status Quo - Spare Parts
Spare Parts (1969)
Face Without A Soul / Little Miss Nothing / When I Wake / Nothing At All / You’re Just What I Was Looking For Today / Are You Growing Tired Of My Love? / Antique Angelique / So Ends Another Life / Poor Old Man / Mr. Mind Detector / The Clown / Velvet Curtains

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