Records by The Five Americans

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Say That You Love Me / Without You
no cover
Show Me (1965-06)
Show Me / Love Love Love
no cover
I See the Light (1965-06)
I See the Light / The Outcast
no cover
Reality (1966)
Reality / Sympathy
no cover
If I Could (1966)
If I Could / Now That It’s Over
no cover
Evol-Not Love / Don’t Blame Me
no cover
Good Times (1966-10)
Good Times / The Losing
The Five Americans - Western Union
Western Union / Now That It’s Over
no cover
Sound of Love / Sympathy
The Five Americans - Zip Code
Zip Code (1967)
Zip Code / Sweet Bird of Youth
The Five Americans - Stop Light
Stop Light (1967)
Stop Light / Tell Ann I Love Her
The Five Americans - 7:30 Guided Tour
7:30 Guided Tour / See-Saw-Man
The Five Americans - No Communication
No Communication / The Rain Maker
no cover
Lovin’ Is Livin’ / Con Man
no cover
Generation Gap / The Source

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