Records by The Fortunes

no cover
Summertime Summertime / I Love Her Still
no cover
Caroline (1964)
Caroline / If You Don’t Want Me Now
no cover
Come On Girl (1964)
Come On Girl / I Like The Look Of You
no cover
Look Homeward Angel / I’ll Heve My Tears To Remind Me
The Fortunes - You've Got Your Troubles
You’ve Got Your Troubles / I’ve Got To Go
The Fortunes - Here It Comes Again
Here It Comes Again / Things I Should Have Known
The Fortunes - This Golden Ring
This Golden Ring / Someone To Care
The Fortunes - You Gave Me Somebody To Love
You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Silent Street
no cover
Is It Really Worth Your While? / I Am Losing My Touch
no cover
Our Love Has Gone / Truly Yours
no cover
Fire Brigade (1968)
Fire Brigade / Painting A Shadow
The Fortunes - The Idol
The Idol (1968)
The Idol / His Smile Was A Lie
no cover
Loving Cup (1968)
Loving Cup / Hour At The Movies
The Fortunes - Seasons In The Sun
Seasons In The Sun / Louise
The Fortunes - Sunday Night
Sunday Night (1969)
Sunday Night / Just Another Dream
no cover
Ballad Of The Alamo / Save A Little Dream
no cover
The Same Old Feeling / Lifetime Of Love
no cover
Books And Films / Sad Sad Sad
The Fortunes - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling / Bad Side Of Town
The Fortunes - Freedom Come, Freedom Go
Freedom Come, Freedom Go / There’s A Man
no cover
I Can’t Remember When The Sun Went / Secret Love
no cover
Wait Until September / Don’t Sing To Me
The Fortunes - Storm In A Teacup
Storm In A Teacup / I’m Not Following You
no cover
Baby By The Way / Long Way Home
no cover
Everything Is Out Of Season / Don’t Sing To Me
no cover
Give Me Some Room / Whenever It’s A Sunday

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