Records by The Honeycombs

The Honeycombs - Have I The Right
Have I The Right? / Please Don’t Pretend Again
The Honeycombs - Is It Because
Is It Because / I’ll Cry Tomorrow
no cover
Eyes (1964)
Eyes / If You’ve Got To Pick A Baby
no cover
I Don’t Love Her No More / I’ll See Tomorrow
The Honeycombs - I Can't Stop
I Can’t Stop / How The Mighten Have Fallen
The Honeycombs - Something Better Beginning
Something Better Beginning / I’ll See You Tomorrow
The Honeycombs - That's The Way
That’s The Way / Can’t Get Through To You
no cover
This Year, Next Year / Not Sleeping Too Well Lately
no cover
Who Is Sylvia? / Wow Will I Know
The Honeycombs - It's So Hard
It’s So Hard / I Fell In Love
no cover
That Loving Feeling / Should A Man Cry


The Honeycombs - That's The Way
That’s The Way / She’s Too Way Out / Colour Slide / This Too Shall Pass Away


no cover
Colour Slide / Leslie Anne / She’s Too Way Out / It Ain’t Necessarily So / This Too Shall Pass Away / Once You Know / Without You It Is Night / That’s The Way / I Want To Be Free / How The Mighty Have Fallen / Have I The Right? / Just A Face In The Crowd / Nice While It Lasted
no cover
I Can’t Stop / Nobody But Me / There’s Always Me / Love In Tokyo / If You Should/My Prayer / Don’t Love Her No More / All Systems Go / Totem Pole / Emptiness / Ooee Train / She Ain’t Coming Back / Something I Gotta Tell You / Our Day Will Come

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