Records by The Moody Blues

7" vinyl

no cover
Steal Your Heart Away / Lose Your Money
The Moody Blues - Go Now!
Go Now! (1964)
Go Now! / It’s Easy Child
no cover
I Don’t Want To Go On Without You / Time Is On My Side
no cover
From The Bottom Of My Heart / And My Baby’s Gone
no cover
Everyday (1965)
Everyday / You Don’t (All The Time)
no cover
Boulevard De La Madelaine / This Is My House (But Nobody Calls)
no cover
Stop! (1966)
Stop! / Bye Bye Bird
no cover
Life’s Not Life / He Can Win
no cover
Fly Me High (1967)
Fly Me High / Really Haven’t Got The Time
no cover
Love And Beauty / Leave This Man Alone
no cover
Nights In White Satin / Cities
no cover
Tuesday Afternoon / Another Morning
no cover
Voices In The Sky / Dr. Livingstone I Presume
The Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw
Ride My See-Saw / Simple Fame
no cover
Never Comes The Day / So Deep Within You
The Moody Blues - Watching And Waiting
Watching And Waiting / Out And In
The Moody Blues - Question
Question (1970)
Question / Candle Of Life
The Moody Blues - Melancholy Man
Melancholy Man / Candle Of Life
no cover
The Story In Your Eyes / Melancholy Man
no cover
Isn’t Life Strange / After You Came
The Moody Blues - I'm Just A Singer
I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock ‘n Roll Band) / For My Lady

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