Records by The Troggs

7" vinyl

no cover
Lost Girl (1966)
Lost Girl / The Yella In Me
The Troggs - Wild Thing
Wild Thing (1966)
Wild Thing / From Home
The Troggs - With A Girl Like You
With A Girl Like You / I Want You
The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
I Can’t Control Myself / Gonna Make You
no cover
Anyway That You Want Me / 66 5 4 3 2 1
The Troggs - Little Red Donkey
Little Red Donkey / Seventeen
The Troggs - Give It To Me
Give It To Me / You’re Lyin’
no cover
Night Of The Long Grass / Girl’s In Black
no cover
My Lady (1967)
My Lady / Girl In Black
no cover
Hi Hi Hazel (1967)
Hi Hi Hazel / As I Ride By
The Troggs - Love Is All Around
Love Is All Around / When Will The Rain Come
no cover
Little Girl (1968)
Little Girl / Maybe The Madman
The Troggs - Surprise Surprise
Surprise Surprise / Marbles And Some Gum
The Troggs - You Can Cry If You Want To
You Can Cry If You Want To / There’s Something About You
The Troggs - Hip Hip Hooray
Say Darlin’ / Hip Hip Hooray
The Troggs - Evil Woman
Evil Woman (1969)
Evil Woman / Sweet Madeline


no cover
From Nowhere (1966)
Wild Thing / When I’m With You / From Home / Jaguar And The Thunderbird / Kitty Cat Song / Ride Your Pony / Hi Hi Hazel / I Just Sing / Evil / Our Love Will Still Be There / Louie, Louie / Jingle Jangle
The Troggs - Cellophane
Cellophane (1967)
Little Red Donkey / My Lady / Come The Day / Love Is All Around / Too Much of a Good Thing / Butterflies and Bees / All of the Time / Seventeen / My Girl Is Waiting / It’s Showing / Her Emotions / Will The Rain Come
The Troggs - Mixed Bag
Mixed Bag (1968)
Surprise, Surprise / Off The Record / We Waited For Someone / There’s Something About You / You Can Cry If You Want To / Say Darlin’ / Marbles And Some Gum / Purple Shades / Heads Or Tails / Hip Hip Hooray / Little Girl / Maybe The Madman

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