Records by The Violents

7" vinyl

no cover
Alpens Ros (1961)
Alpens Ros / Cindy, Oh Cindy
no cover
Kors på Idas grav / Riding Guitars
The Violents - Liebestwist
Liebestwist (1962)
Liebestwist / Ghia
no cover
Bandido (1962)
Bandido / Boa Constricto
no cover
Violents’ Theme / When Johnny L. Comes Marching Home
The Violents - Walk Right In
Walk Right In / Guitar Bolero
no cover
Please Forgive Me Baby / Wiggle Beat
no cover
Hello Josephine / Betty Come On Home
no cover
Tennessee Waltz / Cheatin’ Baby
no cover
Isle Of Capri / That’s All Right Mama
no cover
Michelle (1966)
Michelle / Den ensamme tjuren
no cover
Hound Dog (1966)
Hound Dog / Goodbye Johnny

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