Records by Tommy Roe

Tommy Roe - Sheila
Sheila (1962)
Sheila / Save Your Kisses
no cover
Susie Darling / Piddle De Pat
no cover
Town Crier (1962)
Town Crier / Rainbow
no cover
The Folk Singer / Count On Me
Tommy Roe - Everybody
Everybody (1963)
Everybody / Sorry I’m Late Lisa
Tommy Roe - Come On
Come On (1964)
Come On / There Will Be Better Years
Tommy Roe - Carol
Carol (1964)
Carol / Be A Good Little Girl
no cover
Party Girl (1964-12)
Party Girl / Oh How I Could Love You
Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea (1966)
Sweet Pea / Much More Love
Tommy Roe - Hooray For Hazel
Hooray For Hazel / Need Your Love
no cover
It’s Now Winters Day / Kick Me Charlie
Tommy Roe - Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine / The You I Need
no cover
Sing Along With Me / Night Time
no cover
Dottie I Like It (1968-02)
Dottie I Like It / Soft Words
Tommy Roe - Dizzy
Dizzy (1969)
Dizzy / The You I Need
Tommy Roe - Heather Honey
Heather Honey / Money Is My Pay
Tommy Roe - Jack And Jill
Jack And Jill / Tip Toe Tina
Tommy Roe - Jam Up And Jelly Tight
Jam Up And Jelly Tight / Moon Talk
Tommy Roe - Stir It Up And Serve It
Stir It Up And Serve It / Firefly
no cover
Pearl (1970-06)
Pearl / Dollars worth of pennies
no cover
We Can Make Music / Gotta Keep Rolling Along
no cover
Brush A Little Sunshine / King Of Fools
no cover
Little Miss Goodie Two-Shoes / Traffic Jam
no cover
Pistol Legged Mama / King of Fools
no cover
Stagger Lee (1971-08)
Stagger Lee / Back Streets and Alleys
no cover
Mean Little Woman Rosalie / Skyline
no cover
Working Class Hero / Sun In My Eyes

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