The Beach Boys – Cherry, Cherry Coupe

Track from Capitol T-1998 (LP)

The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
Cherry, Cherry Coupe


Go cherry, cherry coupe now

The wildest short around is my cherry, cherry coupe
It’s the sharpest thing in town and the envy of my group
It’s one of its kind and it really looks good
louvers on the hood

Go cherry cherry coupe now
Go cherry cherry coupe now
Go cherry cherry coupe now
(My cherry coupe beats ’em up comin’ off the line)
Go cherry cherry coupe now
(And she really gets sparks when she starts to whine)

Chrome reversed rims with whitewall slicks
And it turns a quarter mile in one oh six
Door handles are off but you know I’ll never miss ’em
They open when I want with the solenoid system

My coupe’s tuck and roll underneath the hood
And the rugs, seats, and panels now are looking good
When I go looking for something to do
She’s got enough room now to barely seat two

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