The 5th Dimension – Black Patch

Track from Bell 6073 (LP)

The 5th Dimension - Individually And Collectively
Black Patch


Invitations to my party, send Jones an inviting card
He got his mean streak from the gutter, got his kindness from God

Now tugboats paint the river, carry coal to the city in white dock liners
Happiness on the uptown side at my party in the morning tide
Oo, la, la, la, black patch
Oo, la, la, la, black patch
Oo, la, la, la, black patch
In black patch, in black patch

Clothespins on wash ropes, window to window tie
Socks and bells and nightgowns, tassels in the morning, tassels in the morning sky

People are you ready (ready ready)

Woman child on the side street, flashing in black patch
Lipstick on her reefer, waiting for a match

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