Aretha Franklin – Baby, Baby, Baby

Track from Atlantic 2441 (7" vinyl)

Aretha Franklin - A Natural Woman (You Make Me Feel Like)
Baby, Baby, Baby


Baby, baby, baby, this is just to say
How much I’m going to miss you
But believe while I’m away
That I didn’t mean to hurt you
Don’t you know that I’d rather hurt myself?
(I’d hurt myself, I’d hurt myself)

Baby, baby, baby
Think of me sometimes
Because if loving you was so wrong
Then I’m guilty of this crime
I’m bewildered, I’m lonely, and I’m loveless
Without you to hold my hand
(Reach out for me, boy)
If you’d just understand
(Reach out to me, right now)
Those that we love, we foolishly make cry
Then sometimes feel it’s best to say goodbye, goodbye
But what’s inside can’t be denied

The power
The power of love
Is my only guide

Baby, I need you, I need you, I need you
If I did you wrong, if I did you wrong
I need you, I need you, I need you
If I did you wrong

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