The Bee Gees – 2 Years On

Track from Polydor” 2310 069 (LP)

The Bee Gees - 2 Years On
2 Years On


One year, two years, time goes by
People laugh and people cry

Every morning the clock strikes eight
I go to work, I close the gate
And on my way, I sing a song
About my wife, where I belong

If the clouds get together
And talk about the weather
If it’s rain they anticipate
Baby, make no mistake
Yes, the storm will break
But never me you see

2 years on, 2 years on
But only you can see me
Only you can see me

For what I’ve got
Sir Lancelot was just a dream
And I am not
For I am he with something more
It’s you and I reality

2 years on, 2 years on, ah

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