The Rolling Stones – Down The Road Apiece

Track from Decca LK 4661 (LP)

The Rolling Stones - The Rolling Stones (No 2.)
Down The Road Apiece


Now, if you want to hear some boogie like I am going to play
It is just an old piano and a knockout bass
The drummer’s man’s a cat, they call Charlie McCoy
You know, remember that rubber legged boy?
Mama, cooking chicken fried and bacon grease
Come on along boys, it is just down the road apiece

Well there is a place you really get your kicks
It is open every night about twelve to six
Now if you want to hear some boogie you can get your fill
And shove and sting like an old steam drill
Come on along you can lose your lead
Down the road, down the road, down the road apiece

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