The 5th Dimension – Another Day, Another Heartache

Track from Soul City 755 (7" vinyl)

The 5th Dimension - Another Day, Another Heartache
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Another Day, Another Heartache


Another day
Another heartache
Sometimes it just don’t pay
To get up out of bed
Another day
Another heartache
Got to try to keep from
Going out of my head, oh, yeah

Since you left me by myself
I spend my lonely nights
Wondering why (why)
Why you’ve gone

And though I try (try)
I just can’t go on
Knowing every minute
Of my life is going to be

I try to keep you off my mind
But it’s so hard to do
Because it hurts (hurts)
Hurts so deep

I can’t stop crying (crying)
To get my sleep
It’s so lonely being
Chained to a memory

Another day
Another heartache
Another day
Another heartache

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