Ricky Nelson – I’m Not Afraid

Track from Imperial 5685 (7" vinyl)

Ricky Nelson - I'm Not Afraid
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I’m Not Afraid


Love, they say, is serious
It’s not a child’s game
It can make or break your heart
But darling, all the same

I’m not afraid
No I’m not afraid

People tell me I’m too young
But I disagree
Love can come to anyone
And love has come to me
I’m not afraid

I’m not afraid as long as I know
That you’ll always be with me
And as each tender kiss gets bold enough
Somehow I feel I’m old enough

Darling if you really care
And I’m sure you do
Take my hand and hold me tight
And make my dreams come true

I’m not afraid
No I’m not afraid
No I’m not afraid

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