Marvin Gaye – Try It Baby

Track from Tamla 54095 (7" vinyl)

Marvin Gaye - Try It Baby
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Try It Baby


Now you’re moving on up, pretty baby
You’re leaving me behind
Everybody seems to love you
Oh, you’re doing just fine, fine, fine
But take away your good looks
And all your fancy clothes

Why don’t you just
Try it baby
Try it baby
Try it baby
Try it baby

You’ll see
Nobody loves you but me

Now you tell me that you so busy, pretty baby
You ain’t got much time
Oh, how will I remember
When all your time was mine, mine, mine

Well move on back cross the track, baby
Where you came from

I really want to hold you, pretty baby
In my arms again
But I can’t get close to you
For all your loving friend, friend, friend
But take your name from the bright lights baby
And tell me that you are all through
Come on and
Try it honey
Try it baby
Try it sweetheart
Try it honey
You’ll see, nobody loves you but me

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